For a conscientious Filipino, it is not enough that one knows how to pay the proper taxes.  It is just as important for one to know how the government is spending one’s hard-earned money and to what proportion.  If you’re one of them and are among the 18.96M taxpayers then, read on. The data was derived from the 2013 Budget.

Top 5 Sectors Where Our Taxes Go

1.    Social Services


First in the list, Social Services, gets the biggest share (34.8% or 698.8 billion Pesos) of government budget (FY 2013 Php 1.8 trillion).  This is based on the principle that revenues should directly serve the citizens, especially the underprivileged.

Education gets the biggest budget share among the Departments to ensure more classrooms, seats, water and sanitation facilities as well as more teachers, textbooks, teaching manuals, and scholarships.

Allocation for the Health Department ensures health services to indigent citizens through the National Health Insurance Program, more medical professionals for disadvantaged areas, and upgrade of health facilities all over the country.

The Social Welfare Department gets resources for direct assistance to poor families through Conditional Cash Transfer.

2.    Economic Services

Next in the list is Economic Services which gets 25.5% or 511.1 billion Pesos of the budget.

Our country, being the emerging Tiger Economy of Asia, is beaming with pride and, at the same time, struggling to keep the economy on the rise. Thus, the need to fuel the tourist economy as well as manufacturing and agriculture.

3.    General Public Services

General Public Services get 17.3% or 346.1 billion Pesos of the national budget.  This means money to fuel government machinery, that is fiscal and financial affairs, executive and legislative branches, and external affairs. Under the said Sector, the Budget and Management, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Science and Technology, Energy and Justice  Departments get budget allocation.

4.    Debt Burden

Interest Payments get lower budget allocation of 16.6% or 333.9 billion Pesos.  That is, according to the President, “as we actively reduce our fiscal deficit and debt levels.”

But how much does the Philippine government owe? The Bureau of the Treasury pegs the national government debt to a staggering 5,364 billion pesos as of May 31, 2013 covering both domestic as well as external debt.

5.    Defense

Finally, the Defense Department gets the least share at 4.5% or 89.7 billion pesos covering National Defense as well as Interior and Local Government Departments.

So that’s where our taxes go. As to how effective the National Government Agencies are under each sector, in performing their functions to carry out their mandate, as well as the utilization of the taxpayer’s money, is left to your discernment. You may check their accomplishments thru their respective websites. Here’s the central government link:

You may share your thoughts in the comment area.


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Top 5 Sectors Where Our Taxes Go

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