Yup! That’s tax filing and paying taxes made easy.

If you don’t have any firsthand experience in filing and paying your taxes, then you have probably heard about the horror stories from those who did. There is the thought of filling up your tax returns correctly that gets you as excited as the thought of taking your final exam. And then there is the harassment that one gets from going to the bank or to the BIR office during tax deadline to fall in line for hours while waiting for your turn.

Fulfilling your tax obligation is not at all enticing if you look at it from that perspective. But you don’t have to suffer such horrors. Imagine filling up and filing your tax returns and paying, all in one sitting, at the tip of your fingers. You get to choose the time most convenient to you, even in the wee hours of the morning. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it’s all so true, thanks to the marvels of information technology.

The basics to get started are plain and simple: a computer with internet connection, a valid email account, and a file compression tool for attachments. The services are FREE of charge! Note, however, that should you opt to pay online, your bank may charge a fee or require a minimum average daily balance so it is best to clarify this with them upon your enrolment. And, to top it all, the systems are up 24 x 7.

2 Ways of Tax Filing and Paying Taxes Online

1. eFPS via www.bir.gov.ph
One is through the Electronic Filing and Payment System or eFPS which has been in place since 2001. Yes, you read that right, it has been in existence for 12 years! And the wealth of improvements that has been put in place over the years is meant to make it even more accessible and convenient to the public.


The eFPS allows users to fill up electronic tax returns online and automatically validates entries upon submission of the returns. After submitting your tax return online, you may also pay your taxes online also through eFPS. Thus, you don’t have to fight the elements on your way to the BIR and the bank, nor lose a precious full day falling in line to fulfill your obligation.

An alternative means is to download and install the eFPS Offline Form Application. This allows you to accomplish your tax return offline, which is recommended for users with slow, intermittent or periodic internet connection. After filling up the tax return, you can submit the return online. If you use this system you have to make sure that you are enrolled and activated in eFPS.

How to avail? You must be a taxpayer to enroll into the eFPS. Submit a letter of intent to your RDO for enrollment in eFPS for use of e-filing. If you opt to pay online, you also need to enroll to your chosen Accredited Agent Bank (AAB) for e-payment.

Who may avail? Aside from those mandated by BIR, volunteering taxpayers.

2. eBIRForms via www.bir.gov.ph
The eBIRForms System is another alternative means of fast and efficient filing which has been in place since 2012.online_tax_Filing_and_Paying_Taxes-eBIRForms

First, you need to download the Offline eBIRForms Package from the BIR website, a tax preparation software that computes for taxes and validates information that you input so as to minimize errors. Use this package to fill out your tax returns.

After filling out the returns offline, you can now submit these through the Online eBIRForms System. This system allows for submission of tax returns generated by the Offline eBIRForms as well as other compliant tax preparation software. Or you may likewise opt to print your offline form and submit manually to the Accredited Agent Bank (AAB) if with payment or to your RDO if without payment. If there is no available AAB in your area, submit the return to the BIR-RCO.

Who may avail? Open to all taxpayers who are non-eFPS, as well as for accredited tax agents and tax software providers.

How to avail? Similarly, you must be a taxpayer to avail of this service. Submit a letter of intent to your RDO for enrollment in the Online eBIRForms System. Tax agents, meanwhile, must apply for accreditation. Likewise, for tax software providers.

Whichever system you opt to choose, you absolutely conserve time and money as well as brain power since you don’t have to rack your brain to fill up that tax return as the form has built-in business rules that will help you in filling it up.

if you are interested to know more about online filing and payment of taxes, stay tuned for succeeding posts.

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2 Ways of Tax Filing and Paying Taxes Online
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