itPhilippines(dot)net started out as a project for a Blog and Social Media Entrepreneurship Program.

What is my blog?
It’s all about the tax administration processes from an IT perspective. My initial focus will be the application of BIR tax identification number (TIN) by new registrant as more students and college graduates (who may be newly hired as an employee or professional or ventures into business as a sole proprietor) are having challenges in applying and getting a TIN. Such experiences have been the subject in innumerable emails and blogs.

One of the blog goals is to put in place an online repository of frequently or not-so-commonly-but asked questions which will benefit the next generation of tax registrants.

I may also delve into other interesting stuffs, such as: how to file a tax return, how to pay taxes, and so on.

What is the rationale behind the ‘it’ in the
The ‘it’ refers to:
a) individual taxpayer, my subject -the new tax registrant
b) information technology, my background as I am into IT
c) ‘it’, refers to the ‘it’ factor or what should you look forward to

What is the rationale behind the ‘Philippines’ in the
It simply means, the “Philippines for the Philippines in the Philippines” and is the setting.

What is the rationale of ‘net’ in the
The ‘net’ refers to the internet and the social networking technologies, the vehicle to promote, carry-out and spread the information to target readers.

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 400 Ms elizabeth costales is into IT and research work. She is the founder of and completed the cbsme program, a joint project of Ateneo De Manila University, eLearning Edge, Ateneo-Java Wireless Center, and 

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