If you are among the taxpayers required to use the electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS), you might be interested to know how to avail and enroll in eFPS. If so, read on.

How to avail and Enroll in eFPS
How to avail and Enroll in eFPS

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How to Avail and Enroll in eFPS


  • Registered with BIR
  • Certification authorizing any of the three (3) officers designated to file the return under Section 52 (A) of the Tax Code (President or representative and Treasurer or Asst. Treasurer of the Corporation) who shall enroll and use the system
  • Letter of Intent
  • TIN is pre-loaded in eFPS database
  • Enrollment to eFPS (eFILING)
  • Enrollment to chosen Authorized Agent Banks’ e-payment system (ePAYMENT)

Pre-enrollment Requirements

First-time enrollees need to inform the BIR of their intent to avail of the eFPS by submitting the following requirements to the Revenue District Offices (RDO) where your TIN is registered. You may refer to the List of BIR Revenue District Offices which can be found at http://www.bir.gov.ph/index.php/contact-us/directory/revenue-district-offices.html:

1.    Letter of Intent, you may download the sample template of eFPS letter of  intent for individual taxpayer or the sample template of eFPS letter of intent for non-individual taxpayer. The appropriate Revenue Regulation should be specified in the letter of intent.

2.    Certification of Authorized users (maximum of 3 persons) or Secretary Certificate, you may refer to the second page of the sample template for non-individual. This can be personalized to suit business’ requirement and is optional for individual taxpayers.

Personal appearance is necessary during submission of documentary requirements. Once completed,  the RDO will initiate the pre-loading of your TIN registration to eFPS so you can enroll online.

For an eFPS account to be activated, you should get a bank certification from the Accredited Agent Bank of your choice and present that document to the RDO. Bank requires personal appearance during enrollment and a copy of the eFPS enrollment email notification. To check the list of eFPS Accredited Agent Bank, read this post: List of BIR Authorized Agent Banks Accepting Tax Payment.

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Enrolling in eFPS

Go to the BIR website (www.bir.gov.ph) and click on eServices. Then, look for the eFPS icon and click on it. You will be redirected to the Login page. Just below the login button, click the “Enroll to eFPS” link and then, fill-up properly the online Enrollment Form. The enrollment form is divided into 3 parts:

1.    The Taxpayer Details Page, where you type the taxpayer details and user details. Make sure to choose the appropriate ‘reason for efiling’ in the list of values.
2.   The Account Details Page, where you type your login credentials. An email account is required, you cannot proceed enrollment without the proper verification code. Take time to remember your entries so you can log into the system once your account has been activated by the BIR.
3.   The Verification Page, where the system determines a valid user and email account.

You will find tabs for related issuances, job-aids, FAQs among others just above the Login page. This serves as guide in using the system.

Things you should know

Only those taxpayers whose TIN registration has been pre-loaded to eFPS can enroll and use the system. Otherwise, the enrollment form submitted online will get prompted with this message, ‘The TIN and/or Branch Code does not exist in the eFPS registration database’. If this is the case and you are one of the mandated taxpayers, then you should complete the  ‘Prerequisites’ and undergo the ‘Pre-enrollment Process’ as stated in this post.

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Now that you are enrolled and presumed activated, you’re ready to file your tax return online.  To learn more, read this post: How To eFile a Tax Return.

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eFPS 101: How to avail and Enroll in eFPS
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